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Hummingbird creates platforms and experiences that open up opportunities for designers and developers around the world.

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We design automated startups.

Our products make use of automation and streamlined processes to help startups accelerate their growth.

We start prototyping ideas

Using our SDK, we start prototyping SaaS products and marketplaces that have some humanitarian benefit and can be monetized.

Then we start a business to monetize what we make

After branding, marketing strategy, and customer support are finished, we launch a new business to monetize the new product.

The business grows to be fully automated over time

Account management, billing, accounting, and marketing are are fully automated from the beginning. This gives us more opportunity to innovate and develop new ideas.

Platforms for Makers Everywhere

At Hummingbird, we believe that humanitarian issues can be addressed through products whose life-cycles help alleviate these issues. From empowering students to see the world in a whole new way to making the web faster for everyone, our products are designed to do good for people.

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var data = await CONSTELLATION_api("account:read",{id:'LXGJH80'});



Meet Constellation, the only API you'll ever need.

With our Constellation API and JavaScript SDK, we're able to keep all of our products updated without the need for redundant code or infrastructure. A new feature for one product becomes instantly available for all of our business units.

Enter Constellation

We commit 10% of our profits to a healthier and more equitable planet for everyone.

Ensuring that our products do good for communities, the environment, and the future of the planet is a core value of Hummingbird. We focus on limiting our impact on the environment and operating in a sustainable way.

10% of Earnings Donated to Organizations Fighting Climate Change

1% of Gross Towards Carbon Offset Purchases

Fossil-Fuel Free Investment Portfolio

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Meet our Products

Whether it's making the web faster for everyone, or making VR accessible to students around the world, our business units help improve the lives of our customers, users, and stakeholders.


Coded is the best marketplace for designers, developers, and makers everywhere. Sellers earn 90% royalties on all their sales - the highest of any creative marketplace.

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Make more sales with a faster website using Padeo. Padeo uses machine learning to predictively preload your website's resources, meaning a faster page load.

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Panoform Studio

VR doesn't have to be expensive, or exclusive. Panoform Studio makes VR accessible for educators everywhere.

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